Weave Hair Extensions

Thinking of getting hair extensions but are a little nervous about the commitment?

Unsure how you are going to find the upkeep? A weave is a great option for the first time extension wearer

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Here at Foxy we offer both the Sew in Weave method and the LA Weave method. What’s the difference between them? The Sew in is the more traditional way, our stylists create 3 horizontal braids on your scalp to which the wefts of extensions are stitched onto. For the LA Weave, micro rings are used in place of the braid, then the wefts of hair are placed above these rings.

Which one is best? There is no set answer to this as it’s a personal preference. The LA Weave lays flatter but may need to be re-applied quicker. The sew in weave is slightly bulkier but tends to have a week or two extra longevity. Oily hair? Opt for the sew in, otherwise try which ever one takes your fancy. You can always switch it up at your re-application appointment you wish to try both methods.

Available in stock in Indian Remy and Russian Mongolian Remy 20 inch. Also available in 24 inch custom order.

Hours it takes to apply a full head: 1 hour

Who are weaves suited to?

The first timer tends to opt for the weave as an introduction to hair extensions.

Required Maintenance

Weave removal and re-application is required on a regular basis. Every 6 weeks for the sew in weave option and every 4-6 weeks for the LA weave option.

How long do weaves last?

If you choose to have the Indian Remy hair fitted then you would get a 12 week wear, with a re-fit required at 6 weeks. If you have the Russian Mongolian hair fitted then you would have re-fits every 6 weeks until such point that you require fresh hair.

We have known customers to re-use their Russian weave for upto a year.
These lifespans are based on using the correct aftercare products and following the aftercare guidance at all times.


– A very cost effective way of having hair extensions.

– Quick and easy installation.

– Promotes healthy hair growth.


– Can sometimes be visible when tying the hair up high

– Not very flexible in terms of where the hair can be applied. Sometimes a little extra coverage is needed in the form of additional bonded hair being added in

– Can be uncomfortable for the first week or two and customers can experience itching throughout the wear of the weave

How much hair do I need?

I wish to just add extra volume

My hair is fine and I would love more volume and length

My hair is neither fine nor thick and I would love more volume and length

My hair is thick or short and I would love more volume and length

Get fitted

If you’re at all unsure if extensions will fit your lifestyle or be suited to your hair, or just want to chat about what application method would be best for you then feel free to take advantage of our FREE consultation service. We insist on a consultation if your hair is weak, short or if you are on longer term medication. We would also suggest a prior consultation if you consider your hair to be an unusual colour as we need to ensure it can matched to an extensions shade. Otherwise, if you know what you want then go ahead and book a fitting appointment, all hair is in stock and colour matched on the day.

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