Nano Ring Hair Extensions

The method that has taken over the UK past 18 months is now available at Foxy Hair Extensions.


Nano Hair Extensions are the most discreet hair extension application method currently available.

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This method is an individual strand by strand method.  Small, neat sections of the natural hair are taken and threaded through a tiny Nano ring. The extension is inserted into the ring, using a comfortable silicone tip which is flexible and does not irritate or dig into the scalp.  This is what makes Foxy Nano extensions stand out from the crowd.  Traditionally, Nano Hair Extensions have a metal tip.  This can be irritable against the scalp and can break away really easy, deeming the extension strand un-useable.  Our silicone tips are really comfortable to wear and because they are flexible, the extension strand moves freely with the natural hair.  Wear your hair up often? Nano Hair Extensions may be the best method for you.

Foxy Hair Extensions Nano Extensions are available in our standard Indian Remy range (20 inch). Each strand weights 1 gram and is double drawn. This essentially means that we can easily create a gorgeous thick full look for you……no thin and wispy ends when you come to Foxy.

Hours it takes to apply a full head: 2-3 hours.

Who are nano ring link extensions suited to?

Suited to most hair types, in particular. fine hair. Some caution may be needed for clients with oily hair as slippage may occur.

Required Maintenance

Monthly maintenance is required. It’s important that we ensure, as with all methods, that your hair is kept safe throughout the wear of the hair extensions. On a monthly basis we rotate the hair extensions that are located at the nape of the neck and the side sections (the most fragile areas). We also check through the hair extensions to ensure they are being cared for correctly at home and advise any changes to the aftercare routine that need to be made. During this appointment we will re-apply any strands that have fallen. It’s also a great opportunity to add extra hair extensions if a refresh or more thickness is required, and the hair is trimmed to ensure it is kept in good condition.

How long do Foxy Nano Ring Extensions last?

Our Nano Hair Extensions will last in the hair for up to 12 weeks (3 months) This is based on clients using the required Foxy hair extension aftercare products and attending the set maintenance appointments.

At the 12 week mark the hair extensions will need to be removed.


– Seen to be relatively ‘risk free’ as no chemicals or heat are used in either the application or removal of the hair extensions.

– A perfect colour match can be achieved by mixing several shades together

– Discrete, comfortable and easy to tie up high without visibility.


– Can be considered high maintenance. Strands may come loose throughout the wear, although these can easily be re-applied, consideration needs to be given to this.

– Care and attention need to be taken with the root areas where the extensions are attached.  Conditioning products, styling products and hair colour must not come into contact with the Nano rings otherwise slippage will occur. The root areas need to be separated thoroughly as the hair grows down to ensure no matting occurs.

– Nano hair extensions are considered to be a fragile method and require the upmost gentle care and you must ensure you don’t tug at the strands. If your heavy handed, then give this method a miss.

– Can be more costly, if you are too rough with the extensions, they may break, meaning they cannot be re-applied at your maintenance appointment. You may be required to purchase additional hair at maintenance to top-up any broken strands.

How much hair do I need?

I wish to just add extra volume
Volume only 50g

My hair is fine and I would love more volume and length
Full Head 100g

My hair is neither fine nor thick and I would love more volume and length
Full Head 125g

My hair is thick or short and I would love more volume and length
Full Head 175g

Hair Application

If you’re at all unsure if extensions will fit your lifestyle or be suited to your hair, or just want to chat about what application method would be best for you then feel free to take advantage of our FREE consultation service. We insist on a consultation if your hair is weak, short or if you are on longer term medication. We would also suggest a prior consultation if you consider your hair to be an unusual colour as we need to ensure it can matched to an extensions shade. Otherwise, if you know what you want then go ahead and book a fitting appointment, all hair is in stock and colour matched on the day.

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