Clip in Hair Extensions

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Choose the perfect thickness for flawless results

Volume: 40g

To add volume or colour flashes. From £39.99

Full Head Set: 120g

For Fine Hair. From £89.99

Full Head Set: 160g

For Medium Hair. From £119.99

Full Head Set: 220g

For Thick Hair. From £159.99

Get your clip-in fitted with Foxy

Our Foxy styling team are at hand to help make your new Clip in Hair extensions look natural and blend seamlessly in with your natural hair. So that no one to tell you are wearing extensions, we recommend they are shaped in with your natural hair and cut to a length that is comfortable for you and suits your lifestyle. Whilst doing this, our team will also show you the exact placement for each section so when you’re applying your set yourself at home you get it right every time. You can also book in for our team to apply and style your Clip in Hair ready for your big night out or special occasion.

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Clip in hair extensions accessories available in store

Clip in Hanger

Our Foxy Hair Hanger makes both storing and styling your clip in hair extensions a breeze! After washing your extensions, clip them onto the hanger to enable your hands to become free to hold a blowdry brush in one hand and a drier in the other. After use, hang them in your wardrobe for safe storage.

Only £8.00
Hair Extension Aftercare Products

To ensure your Foxy Clip ins are kept in optimum condition you need to ensure you are caring for them in the correct manner. Correct aftercare products will replenish all of the lost nutrients at every wash, helping to keep the hair smooth, soft and tangle free.

Single products from £8.99. Packs from £16

Colour Swatches

Flat Colours

Mixed Shades

Highlight Shades

Balayage Shades

Free colour matching available, just pop in, no appointment necessary.